Who We Are

Blue Door is a leader in preventing and ending homelessness.

Founded in 1982 and the largest emergency housing provider in York Region, Blue Door is a registered charity that offers more than 10 innovative and collaborative housing, employment, and health programs aimed at addressing the root causes of homelessness.

An award-winning expert in providing population-specific support and launching new solutions, Blue Door transforms the lives of youth, adults, seniors, and families, helping our community’s most vulnerable escape homelessness and access dignified housing.


Lifesaving Programs


Frontline and Support Staff


Serving York, Durham, and Peel Region, and Scaling Nationally


A Canada where everyone can access dignified housing.


Enable housing stability by driving innovative housing, health, and employment solutions that prevent and end homelessness.

Blue Door’s values are the principles that guide our internal and external operations. The values apply to our work, to our employees, to our volunteers, and to all our partners.

  • Respect: We treat people with dignity, respect the right to informed choices, and are nonjudgmental.
  • Anti-Racism, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: We embrace diversity in the people we support, staff, and Board. We provide inclusivity in our work and strive to address systemic inequalities through our employment practices and work. We eliminate the stigma associated with homelessness.
  • Person-Centered: We place people at the heart of our work and partner with individuals to offer services designed to serve them.
  • Leadership and Collaboration: We are a thought leader in the Region and across Canada in innovative strategies to end homelessness, and in collaborating with community partners and organizations who share and support our vision, mission, and values.
  • Accountability: We are transparent and accountable to the people we support, to staff, volunteers, and all internal and external partners we work with.
  • Innovation: We provide evidence-based, solution-focused programming that advances best practices, taking a systems-level approach to ending homelessness in Canada. We encourage innovation within our organization and programming and are dynamic in our work.
  • Housing as a Right: We believe that all people have the right to safe, affordable, dignified, and inclusive housing.

Blue Door’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan includes three Program Priorities and four Organizational Priorities.

Strategic Program Priorities

Focused on addressing the root causes of homelessness, Blue Door’s Program Priorities capture the three types of innovative and lifesaving services offered.

  1. Housing: Blue Door will increase housing access and retention by creating and retaining new and existing affordable, transitional, and emergency housing.
  2. Health: Blue Door will strengthen people’s mental and physical health through physical, emotional, psychological, and social well-being services.
  3. Employment: Blue Door’s social enterprises will provide training and help people gain employment. Blue Door will also support the expansion or replication of its social enterprise service to other geographic areas.

Strategic Organizational Priorities

Woven into each of the Program Priorities are Blue Door’s Organizational Priorities which capture how Blue Door plans to thoughtfully and purposefully address homelessness.

  1. Evaluate: Blue Door will continuously evaluate its programming to strengthen and expand the programs and the sector’s capacity.
  2. Innovate: Blue Door will foster a culture of innovation, explore innovative partnerships, as well as research, pilot, and promote new solutions to housing and homelessness.
  3. Lead: Blue Door will be a leader and create a strong, inclusive, anti-racist, and justice-based organization for employees and people served.
  4. Advocate: On a national scale, Blue Door will advocate and raise awareness of best practices and innovative solutions through research, political submissions, and inter-sectoral engagement.
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Aurora Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit Award

Blue Door is the proud winner of the Aurora Chamber of Commerce’s 2023 Business Excellence Non-Profit Award.

Agent of Change Award

On May 24, Blue Door received the Agent of Change award from Pickering College. This award recognizes leaders who are innovative, courageous and compassionate in their efforts to take action and make meaningful contributions to the community.

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pin

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pin was presented to Blue Door in 2022 for our strong commitment to improving the lives of community members.

Not-for-Profit of the Year Award

Blue Door is the proud winner of the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce’s 2022 Business Excellence Award for Best Non-Profit of the Year.

Excellence in the Community Award

Blue Door’s Construct won Procore’s international Groundbreaker Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to giving back to our local community.

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Community Builder Award

Blue Door won CHRA’s national 2021 Community Builder Award for our commitment to providing decent, safe, and affordable housing through Abode, Construct, Forward, and INNclusion.

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Innovation Award

The ONPHA Innovation Award recognizes Blue Door’s innovative practices and approach to addressing the housing needs of marginalized and vulnerable communities through Construct.

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