Our Programs

To address the root causes of homelessness, Blue Door is proud to provide innovative and dignified housing, health, and employment programs.

Centering around Blue Door’s three strategic program priorities Housing, Health, and Employment, Blue Door provides over 10 innovative and collaborative programs to help youth, adults, seniors, and families escape homelessness.


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Our Programs

To prevent and end homelessness, Blue Door's life-saving and transformational programs help people and families access safe, dignified housing.


Designed to help individuals and families access and retain housing, Blue Door’s housing programs include short-term emergency and seasonal housing, longer-term transitional housing, ongoing affordable housing, and housing retention support.

Each housing program provides more than a bed to sleep in and a warm meal. Housing programs include case management support to help people overcome barriers and search for housing.

Emergency Housing
Transitional Housing
Seasonal Housing
Housing Supports


Exposed to the elements, missing meals, and the constant daily stress of trying to survive, on top of pre-existing health concerns, homelessness takes a devastating toll on a person’s mental and physical health.

Blue Door’s health programs are designed to strengthen people’s mental and physical health to enable people to successfully find and keep housing. Health supports include a hospital In-Reach Worker, peer support, psychotherapy, and an on-site Health Hub.

Health Supports



With the cost of living increasing, well-paying employment is essential to accessing and retaining housing.

Blue Door’s Construct, an employment social enterprise, propels people facing homelessness and poverty into well-paying careers in the trades.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Blue Door’s Programs

To access emergency housing, please call York Region’s Central Intake Line at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 76140

Blue Door provides housing and health programs to people in York Region and surrounding areas.

An instant success and proven solution to ending homelessness, Blue Door’s employment social enterprise Construct is rapidly expanding and provides training opportunities in York, Durham, and Peel Regions.

Blue Door provides 102 of the 160 emergency housing beds available in York Region year-round. During the cold winter months from October to June, Blue Door’s Mosaic Interfaith Out of the Cold opens up to provide seasonal emergency housing.

Additionally, during cold weather alerts when temperatures drop below -15°C or colder, additional beds are made available for the duration of the alert.

Individuals and families seeking emergency housing are encouraged to call York Region’s Central Intake Line at 1-877-464-9675 ext. 76140, which will provide information on service providers with availability.

Blue Door provides services to families, seniors, adults, and youth experiencing homelessness or who are on the brink of homelessness.

As well, Blue Door’s emergency and transitional housing programs offer population-specific programming to meet the unique needs of underserved groups, such as senior men and 2SLGBTQ+ youth.

While homelessness affects all ages, races, and genders, it is important to recognize that overwhelming structural barriers and challenges including inequitable access to education, employment, housing, and health services have caused racialized groups, 2SLGBTQ+ folks, Black people, Indigenous people, newcomers, and immigrants to be overrepresented among people experiencing homelessness.

Homelessness in York Region is often hidden. Hidden homelessness includes people who are couch surfing, sleeping in cars, or staying temporarily with neighbours or strangers.

People experiencing hidden homelessness often do not access available supports and it is estimated that for every person accessing homelessness supports, three people are facing hidden homelessness.

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