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Only Housing for 2SLGBTQ+ Youth Secured Thanks to Generous Investment to Blue Door from The Northpine Foundation

June 16, 2022

June 9th, 2022. By: Blue Door Staff,, featured in Newmarket Era, Richmond Hill Liberal, and Markham Economist.

Pride Month is a time of remembrance and celebration. We remember and acknowledge past and present struggles 2SLGBTQ+ people experience due to discrimination. We celebrate and advocate for diversity, individuality, and equal rights.

This month, Blue Door is celebrating a milestone for their INNclusion program, the only transitional supportive housing for 2SLGBTQ+ youth in York Region. Blue Door is proud to announce a generous investment from The Northpine Foundation for the capital purchase of the INNclusion home. The home supports up to four (4) youth and a peer mentor. Since launching a year ago, INNclusion has supported 2SLGBTQ+ youth with stable transitional housing while fostering an environment of independence and growth.

The need for INNclusion is startling. Driven into homelessness often by identity-based abuse and discrimination, 2SLGBTQ+ youth are overrepresented among youth experiencing homelessness, with approximately 40% of youth identifying at 2SLGBTQ+. Struggling to cope, 1 in 3 youth attempted suicide in the last year.

To help young people on their own unique journey, INNclusion provides an environment where youth are safe and supported on their path of self-discover and self-empowerment while sharing their experiences with peers that have also lived similar journeys. It is a uniquely powerful experience to know that you are not alone and that you have a support system around you to grow.

The investment from The Northpine Foundation will ensure the long-term stability of INNclusion and allow Blue Door to focus on growing and improving support for 2SLGBTQ+ youth. Together, both organizations are making space for 2SLGBTQ+ youth, ensuring their voices are heard and amplified.

Thanks to The Northpine Foundation there will always be a safe door to turn to in York Region.

To learn more about INNclusion or to access support, visit