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Newmarket fourplex provides refuge for older men struggling with homelessness, women and children fleeing violence

August 12, 2023

Posted on: August 12, 2023. By: Lisa Queen,, Original Article.

Blue Door bought fourplex thanks to $1.6M in funding from federal government and United Way

A Newmarket fourplex will now put a roof over the heads of older men experiencing homelessness and women and their children escaping domestic violence.

Last month, Blue Door held a recognition event to thank the federal government and the United Way Greater Toronto for $1.6 million, which enabled the organization to buy the fourplex.

Often overlooked, older men struggling with homelessness and women fleeing domestic violence face significant hardships, a Blue Door statement said.

As the population ages and costs of living rise, more older adults are experiencing homelessness.

Although approximately 60 per cent of York Region residents experiencing homelessness are men, older men are overrepresented and undersupported by available services, Blue Door said.

Meanwhile, domestic violence rates soared during the pandemic.

Often, women and children escaping violence in their homes must leave without money and belongings, Blue Door said.

It’s important to ensure the well-being and safety of older men, women and children, especially with current living costs being so high, Blue Door said.

United Way president, Daniele Zanotti, agreed.

“The road to home starts with a safe place to shelter, where people can access the supports they need to heal, establish stability and move forward toward their goals,” he said.

“United Way Greater Toronto is pleased to work in partnership with the federal government to support Blue Door in ensuring these vital ingredients are available to underserved populations in York Region — a critical step as we make access to safe, stable, affordable housing a reality for all in our region.”

Through a partnership with Yellow Brick House, Blue Door established additional affordable housing solutions for York Region women and their children seeking refuge from domestic violence. Through the collaborative effort, Blue Door has created a safe and supportive environment, offering hope and stability to those facing challenging circumstances.

Federal Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities Sean Fraser supports the funding.

“We are working to reduce homelessness and housing insecurity by making targeted investments in initiatives like Blue Door, and by working with partners like the United Way, which will help ensure that women and children fleeing domestic violence and marginalized seniors have a safe place to call home,” he said.